Spinal Products

  • 3A Cervical Plate
  • Double Thread Screw
  • U8U9
  • MIS Screw
  • Laminar Plate
  • Laminar Plate
  • Double Thread Screw
  • Cemented Screw
  • Posterior Cervical Screw
  • Iliac Screw
  • Lumbar PEEK Cage
  • Cervical PEEK Cage
  • RZ-IIB

1.Low profile, super bonegraft window.
2.Round edge, reducing tissues stimulation.
3.Anatomically prebending desin.
4.Midcourt line sunken design, easy for location.
5.Anti-recess locking design.
6.Simple, effectively anti-pullout of screw.
7.Lenghth 20---81mm

1.Top thread with guiding groove design to avoid slipping.
2.6-lobe design on plugs, locking more firmly with lesser torque, higher strength,and closed bottom.  
3.Hook lock design, with encircling force from plug to screw , well matching while screwing inward, avoid wrong thread or slipping, 

1.Spinal fracture.
2.Spinal dislocation.
3.Spinal tumor.
4.Thoracical / lumbar scoliosis.

1.Arc-shape design facilitating assembly.
2.Super long arm design facilitating operation.
3.Fixing ring can be locked any location for easy rod positioning.
4.Square thread design for anti-cross threading.
5.Internal thread design to reduce extra instruments.;
6.Cortical thread design to increase the holding force of pedical screw.

1. Diverse design for individual patients & surgery options. Prebending&tailoring anatomical design conform with requirements of biological strength. Pure Ti material with well plasticity to meet needs of diverse patients. 

1. Rapid&simple in-situ assembly + anatomical design, to reduce dural stimulation  with soft tissues.  

1.Top thread with guiding groove design to avoid slipping.
2.Screw mural hooklock with screw plug design- Upward hook on plugs, and downward mural hook on screw.
3.Well-matching when screwing inward, avoiding wrong thread or slipping. 
4.Preventing plug slipping with encircling force.

1.uper long & long arm design.
2.Higher density of cortical threads.
3.Distal thread design for cancellous bone . 
4.Distal fenestrated design.

1.Special structure on surface of sphere head to enhance the stability of final lock.
2.Double-open self-tapping design to  ensure precise location & easy implantation.
3.Max 100° angle to meet the requirements of implants with individual patients.

1.Top open, lateral connection, for easy operation. 
2.Well match with 6.0 system.
3.Plain shaft design to reduce the invasion effects from screw thread to sacroiliac joints.
4.Directly connected with rod without lateral connectors, signicantly reduce incisura.
5.Hollow screw design, apply to Micro Invasive & Open Surgery.

1.Bullet head design, easy to implant and support the intervertebral space.
2.Superior & inferior serration design, enhance the postoperative stability.
3.Larger bone contacting surface to facilitate bone fusion.
4.6° lordosis, tightening fitting, conform to physiological lordosis.

1.Surface guiding track design to rotate the cage intervertebrally to ideal position.
2.3 markers for precise location under the X-Ray.

1.Position observable from X-Ray developing marks.
2.Lordosis angle design to restore physiological curvature.
3.Huge bone grafting window, to increase grafting bone mass and fusion rate.
4.Runcinate surface design, to ensure primary stability.

1.Agnail convexity design, avoid seceding.
2.Bullet head design, easy implanted.
3.Mid huge bone grafting window, facilitating bone grafting & fusion.
4.X-Ray developing marks, convenient for observing the position.